Expositional Preaching

The following excerpt comes from The Expositors Blog, “Conversation with Matt Waymeyer,” March 12th, 2016, and it best summarizes Redeemer Bible Fellowship’s position on expository preaching and its necessity within the local church:

Expository preaching is the authoritative proclamation of God’s Word in which the preacher clearly sets forth the divinely intended meaning of the biblical text and brings the contemporary implications of its timeless truth to bear on the lives of the people. The commitment to this kind of proclamation flows out of the conviction that Scripture is the Word of God. Because the Bible is God’s Word, it possesses a trustworthiness, an authority, and a transforming power that no other source possesses. Therefore, to the degree that we faithfully preach the divinely intending meaning of the biblical text, our preaching carries that same trustworthiness, authority, and transforming power. But conversely, to the degree that we depart from the divinely intended meaning of a given passage, our message has forfeited its trustworthiness, authority, and transforming power, and we make ourselves not worth listening to.