In light of the fact that John 5:42 is a contrast to v.41, what is the relationship between seeking glory from man and what we love? It’s because seeking recognition from people indicates that we love what we get from people more than we love God. In other words, the way we feel about ourselves when we get recognition or honor from other people is what drives our lives and the decisions of our lives.

Again, seeking to please man means greater worth is set on man’s approval than God’s approval, which means that there is a higher love and esteem for man than for God. Reason being, it’s clear from Scripture that love for God is much more than feelings for God; it’s seeking to honor and please him above all else. It’s willing to put God above any other allegiances and pursuits. It’s being willing to embrace that reality that following Christ may actually hinder our dreams, our desires and our relationships. That would lead to seeking God’s glory above man’s.