There are 3 words in Ps. 95:6 that all have a similar connotation to them if, for instance, you were approaching a king in his court—prostrating oneself, bowing down, and kneeling. These terms demonstrate an utter respect and dependence on the One who is the recipient of these worshipful postures.

What this tells us is if the truth of who God is does not make us lowly or humble, then either we are not interacting with the real truth about God or we are not comprehending it rightly. That’s why it’s helpful to note the progression of this Psalm. No one who has a proper measure of sanity can think of God’s lofty creative power and still cling to lofty views of oneself—“Hey God, your invisible attributes, eternal power and divine nature are truly amazing, but can we get back to my desires now and how you haven’t fulfilled them?” Or, “Lord, I know you made me and thus I exist for your good pleasure, but it wouldn’t be right to fully give my life to your purposes because then I wouldn’t be able to pursue my dreams and promote my abilities how I’d like to.”

We must always keep in mind who is the Potter and who is the clay, for those who enter into the presence of any type of royalty with great pomp and self-exaltation are deemed to be fools. We are to recognize our bankruptcy in spirit—being absolutely empty in ourselves—anytime we approach the Lord, our maker.