In Ephesians 5:5-6, Paul’s exhortations regarding walking in the light, includes to not be deceived about God’s judgment on the darkness. It doesn’t matter what someone says they believe; if they live in darkness (sons of disobedience=those characterized by disobedience), they are part of the darkness and not in the Light. The one who walks in the light must not be deceived about the spiritual state of those in darkness, but also not be deceived about how God has promised to punish sinners.

His holiness is infinite and his standards are unbending, so only those who have been granted access to the Light by faith in Jesus Christ and bear the fruit of that transformation will escape the coming of God’s wrath. This means that part of walking in the Light is having spiritual clarity about matters of salvation and who has been brought to the Light. Not only do we avoid deception, which would make our ministry to others ineffective, but in a positive sense, we start to develop proper burdens for others, which is created by spiritual clarity.