When true faith is present, demands will not be made of Christ, even if those demands are made under the guise of extraordinary faith—“We’re just trusting in the Lord for this to happen…” That sounds good, but what exactly are you trusting in? What specific promise or series of promises? How specifically are you taking God at his word?

As is clear in John 4:43-54, Jesus was offended by excitement without faith. Excitement is man-centered—How do we feel about God?; Faith is God-centered—How do we need what only God can supply?

The point is that mere excitement in Christ is fickle and actually involves false worship because it’s not about who Christ is and what he says; rather it’s about how Christ can captivate our attention and dazzle our senses better than anything else in the world. That has nothing to do with faith nor following Christ as his disciple. Instead, that is putting ourselves at the center and demanding that Christ serve us. On the other hand, true faith acknowledges our desperate spiritual need and that Christ is only One who can fulfill that need. May we believe in him instead of use him to serve ourselves.