A proper understanding of John 6:36-40 should lead us to consider the following questions: Are you amazed by God’s enabling work in your salvation taught by Christ? Does this text help you refuse to place your confidence for persevering in the faith in yourself instead of in Christ? If it’s in yourself, you will find it incredibly hard to persevere since your sin and weakness will constantly provide evidence that you can’t cut it. However, if your confidence is in Christ, namely what he has done and what he provides, then you will be abiding in him in such a way that you will bear fruit for his name.

Lastly, are you encouraged to press on in sharing the gospel, knowing that man’s temporary unbelief is no match for the eternal purposes of God that are predetermined by the Father and carried out by the Son? Someone does not have to connect spiritual dots and start living a clean life prior to God working in their heart. No, the Spirit can enlighten any heart at any moment in any sinner. You and I are evidence of that!

And just like we experience in many occasions, Jesus will continue to receive ridicule and scorn for his teachings, but this text in John 6 tells us that God’s purposes cannot be thwarted, for he works all things according to the counsel of his will (Eph. 1:11). There’s the basis for the success of Christ’s mission and there’s the basis for all our certainty in our salvation.