In Lamentations chapter 3, Jeremiah concludes his review of the unending nature of God’s love for his people with the well-known declaration in v.23—Great is your faithfulness.
This is altogether stunning in light of Jeremiah’s circumstances, namely the complete destruction of Jerusalem by Israel’s arch enemy.  This is a time when wicked, unbelieving thoughts could have prevailed in the prophet’s mind, such as: ”The Lord doesn’t care about keeping his Word; He doesn’t actually make good on his promises.”  We can easily think like that when we try to interpret the Bible through the lens of our circumstances, instead of interpreting our circumstances through the lens of the Bible.  However, the greatness and goodness and faithfulness of God do not change no matter what happens.  In fact, if he would cease to make good on his promises, then he would cease to be God!  In light of that unchanging reality, our assessment of God’s faithfulness is such a good indicator of where our heart is at.  Do our hearts say: “God used to be faithful to me OR God is faithful to many other people OR can we say from the heart in every circumstance—Even now Lord, I know your faithfulness is great!”