There’s no doubt we experience the Spirit’s work, for instance the transforming power of the rebirth and ongoing sanctification.  But is this merely a feeling or is it objective realities that can be measured by God’s word?  Think about it this way—if someone just feels like they are saved, but has no evidence of the Spirit’s transforming power in their life, then that feeling isn’t worth a whole lot, is it?
So the options are either to entrust ourselves to what God’s word says and move forward in obedience by faith OR seek personal revelation that can never be verified unless it lines up exactly with Scripture, at which point it becomes worthless or useless because the Scriptures could have just been submitted to in the first place!
We need to be clear on something beloved: When we read our Bibles, rest assured that God is speaking to us personally and directly.  Anything that applies to all Christians is meant for us and that’s all we need to know.  So there’s a massive problem if we are not having a personal encounter with God through His word; meaning that the Spirit is not convicting us of our sin or renewing our minds in the truths of the gospel of Christ or enhancing our view of the greatness and glory of God, etc.  But that problem has nothing to do with an insufficiency the Scriptures; rather it has everything to do with our understanding of the nature of Scripture and/or our belief in the Scriptures.  We don’t need to go outside of the once-for-all handed down Word (Jude 3) in order to have certainly about God’s will for us.