As David thinks over who the Lord is for him and what the Lord has done for him, he comes to one conclusion at the beginning of Psalm 23:6—most certainly goodness and mercy will pursue him all of his days.  Goodness is anything that enhances someone’s welfare, whether in the spiritual or physical realm.  This word for mercy is most often translated, lovingkindness, and describes God’s faithful, covenantal love.

David is absolutely convinced that these wonderful benefits are continually sent from the hand of God to chase after him every day.  It doesn’t matter what kind of day it is or what kind of circumstance he finds himself in—he can find undeserved goodness and faithful love flowing from His Shepherd.
Can we testify to that?  Not only in a past tense way by looking back at examples of how God has been good to us, but also today; right now, at a time when many of our earthly comforts and sources of security have been removed. Is the Lord’s goodness and mercy pursuing you?  If we are one of the Lord’s sheep, we should easily be able to testify to that if our minds are being renewed by the truth instead of by an over-exposure to news media and Facebook opinionizers.  Even if some are faced with the prospect of death, our Lord can supply confidence and peace because of the victory Christ has accomplished on sinners’ behalf.  This is what takes place when the Lord is our Shepherd.