Despite how the Jews insinuated that Christ has been withholding the truth in John 10:24, the fact of the matter is, the more clearly he reveals his identity, the more hostility is stirred up in those who hear it. This corresponds exactly to Jesus’ response in v.25-“I’ve not only declared who I am on many occasions, but my numerous miracles testify to my identity because they are of such a divine nature, the only possible conclusion is that they are empowered by my Father in heaven.” Again, throughout all the gospels, Christ’s works of power were so spectacular and public, it was undeniable that their source was supernatural. So, for those who refused to believe in him, they had no other choice but to attribute his works to being Satanically charged.

Keep in mind beloved, that Christ has made the truth about himself and the gospel very clear in his word, so when there is opposition to it, it is not due to an intellectual deficiency or a lack of evidence. We never need to think the word isn’t powerful enough on its own and resort to relying upon proofs for Christ outside of Scripture in order to try to make Christ’s claims legitimate. Christ could appear right now and begin to do many miraculous wonders and it wouldn’t automatically cause anyone to believe in him. That’s because it’s the Spirit who must open one’s heart through the gospel message.