In Acts 17:11, Luke points out something different, namely about the listeners in Berea.  They were more noble-minded or open-minded than the Thessalonians.  Don’t think of our modern mantra of tolerance; being open-minded to every new-fangled idea that any spiritual guru invents.  No, this means that the Bereans were willing to listen carefully to what was being said.  Notice they welcomed the word eagerly; they embraced it with great willingness.  And this wasn’t done in ignorance or just because it sounded nice.  They did this while searching out the Scriptures to test Paul’s teaching.  If everyone would just do this—how many problems would be avoided; how many lives would be spared from the pangs of false teaching?
We just have to admit the Scriptures are often not the final authority when discussing Christian things.  Instead—This best-selling author wrote this or this mega-church pastor teaches this.  Or that’s not what my grandpa passed down to me.  Or that can’t be true because my youth pastor growing up told me that passage meant this and he can’t be wrong because he was a real genuine guy.  All those things may be true, but did you search the Scriptures?  The ultimate authority for the Bereans was the God-breathed Scriptures and it must be for all Christians.