In Ps. 119:71, we arrive at another use of the word good in the stanza. The Psalmist has been able to testify that the Lord has done good to him and that he is good and does good and now he brings those truths into his circumstance—My affliction was good for me.  In testifying to this truth in the context of Ps. 119, the Psalmist is implying that arrogant hostility was good for him. This slander of his character was good for him.

In order to come to this godly conclusion, one must define good how God does. Is good being pleasing to Christ in all respects? Is good bearing fruit for his glory in every part of our lives? Is good walking as children of the light in all goodness and righteousness and truth? OR…Is good having a comfortable, healthy, predictable life? Is good the fulfillment of all of our desires? Is good experiencing the kind of life where faith is not necessary?  Let us have biblical definitions, beloved, so that we might have biblical perspectives.