What does 2 Corinthians 5:14-15 teach about sober-mindedness?  It teaches us to think about what compels us or controls us—Is it the love of Christ, demonstrated by his bondage-destroying death and resurrection of sinners’ behalf OR is it something else, like:

  • Man-pleasing—doing whatever you can to make sure as many people as possible like you;
  • Comfort—ensuring you never push yourself past what you want to do or get anywhere near the point of being extremely tired as a result of serving others;
  • A Religious Facade—keeping up the religious act so that you can try to appease your conscience and be accepted by other Christians.

Those things are irrational and prove one ineffective for Christian ministry.  On the other hand, having a sound mind leads one to the conviction that if we have experienced the benefits of the death of Christ on our behalf, then we must think of our lives as no longer our own, but that which has been bought by a price—the precious blood of Christ.