In Psalm 96:2, the Psalmist gives a call for all the earth to bless God’s name and then the remainder of v.2 and all of v.3 further describe this act of blessing his name. First, the people are to proclaim or announce his salvation—the deliverance that he brings about. This is the closest OT language to the NT command given to all Christians to bring the good news to others and notice they are to do this day by day.

However, the reality is that we can have a tendency to move past his salvation to the point of speaking mainly of other teachings in Scripture. Yes, we are responsible for all that is revealed and to teach, correct and admonish according to all of what Christ has said, but sometimes Christians get on a hobby horse to the extent that the proclaiming of God’s salvation through Christ gets merely tacked on as an appendage to something else that receives precedence. We must keep in mind that Christians are ultimately those who have been redeemed by his marvelous grace in order to proclaim his excellencies to the world (1 Pet. 2:9).

So is his salvation of our souls a daily recognition and appreciation in all our lives and are we considering the lost folks we run across daily as those who need God’s salvation OR merely as those who are wicked, clueless and hopeless to be saved?  Let us be on the lookout for daily opportunities to proclaim His salvation not only to those who have been recipients of it, but also to those who need it as well (Col. 4:2-6).