We can begin with a conclusion after working through vv.1-6 of Ps.24: Due to God’s holy requirements, it’s only God’s who can enable a sinner to draw near to worship.  Now what’s so important for us to understand is the magnitude of might that it takes for God to accomplish this victorious access for sinners.  Accordingly, many references to God’s power in the NT epistles are pointing to a couple of connected events and those events are pertaining to the resurrection of Christ after his self-sacrifice to atone for sins, which guarantees the resurrection of all those in him.   As we keep in mind the principles of acceptable worship from Ps. 24, this mighty, victorious act of the Lord becomes the centerpiece of how we honor and praise our King of glory.

Consequently, as we comprehend it appropriately, these truths about Christ become far more substantial than anything that could happen in our lives or even throughout the entire world.  No matter what may come about, faith in the finished work of Christ’s death and resurrection guarantees a future inheritance, which consists of an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison (2 Cor. 4:17).