As we dive back into our study of Acts and look at an overview of chapters 1-20, one of the major hindrances Luke demonstrates the gospel conquers is rampant unbelief.  This common trait in those we know is something that can easily cause us to doubt the ability of the gospel to advance.  For instance, we may be thinking: “How will the true gospel have an impact in my family since there is hardly any religious affiliation or interest at all in their lives?  And it’s always been that way.”

So are we saying that the Lord needs some positive spiritual bent in those whom he chooses to save?  Did he need it in those who seemed to invent new gods on a daily basis in one of the greatest places of idolatry in the history of the world, namely Athens, Greece?  Did he need it in those committed to demonic, magic practices in Ephesus?

“No, but you still don’t understand!  My family shuts down any conversation about Christ and seems to be getting harder as times goes on.”  And that’s a problem for Almighty God?  Of course someone is in a state of unbelief prior to God granting faith and repentance, but in the book of Acts, the gospel overpowers this state countless times.  Thus our continued study through this book should give us great confidence that the gospel can and does advance through any circumstance.