When one is truly captivated by God’s word, there is a love that causes an abhorrence of all things contrary to it, as portrayed in Ps. 119:163. In other words, because biblical love infers a committed relationship, when we love the word, we are committed to what the word stands for and therefore it follows we would be vehemently to what opposes the word.

This means the Psalmist hates all falsehood because that represents temptations to hinder his own commitment to the word. Sure enough, there are repeated statements of both the Psalmist’s love for the word and hatred for deception throughout Ps. 119. He hates whatever seeks to steal glory from God; he hates whatever leads people astray from their creator and redeemer; he hates the work of Satan, who is the father of lies. And make no mistake about it, we must first and foremost hate the proclivities of our own hearts towards falsehood, if we are going to be in a position to rightly hate the falsehood in others.