Here are a couple of excellent quotations regarding what Jesus knows and how that should affect his disciples. First, J.C. Ryle supplied some very helpful explanation regarding this truth: This perfect knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ is a very solemn thought, and one which cuts two ways. It ought to fill the hypocrite with great alarm and drive him to repentance. Let him remember that the eyes of the all-knowing Judge already see him through and through…If he would not want to be put to shame [on that final Day], let him cast aside his false profession, and confess his sin before it is too late. Believers, on the other hand, may think of an all-knowing Savior with comfort. They may remember, when misunderstood and slandered by an evil world, that their Master knows all. He knows that they are true and sincere, however weak and failing. A time is coming when He will confess them before His Father, and [vindicate their profession] clear and bright as the sun at noon-day. ( Accessed 5/4/2023)

Then, in terms of our Lord’s sovereignty over the events leading up to his death, listen to what Alexander Maclaren stated: Let us never forget that Judas with his treachery, and Jewish rulers with their hostility, and Pilate with his authority, and centurions with their whips, and the soldiers with their nails, and…Death itself, would have been all equally powerless against Christ if it had not been his loving will to die on the Cross for each of us. (Maclaren, Alexander. Expositions of Holy Scripture St. John Chapters I to XIV (p. 361). Kindle Edition.)

Does this qualify the Lord as being trustworthy in your eyes? Is his sovereign plan worthy of being considered perfect and wise? As he trusted the Father, may we trust him as we carry out his will with our lives.