John wraps up this remarkable third chapter of his gospel by highlighting the superiority of the Son’s testimony and the consequences of receiving or rejecting that testimony. This means that no one can ever say that Jesus is merely a good option in which to place one’s trust nor that can Jesus be added on to one’s preexisting life and belief system. No, it’s believing in Jesus and all of what he taught and only what he taught that will bring forth salvation.

Therefore, what should be abundantly clear upon verses is that any alternative sources of supposed revelation or information for spiritual truth and guidance are horrendous substitutes for what Christ brought. For in his words, we have the very words of God at our disposal. Additionally, these verses teach that how we receive Christ’s words is directly related to our view of God’s truthfulness. In other words, since Jesus claims to directly speak for God, any rejection or deviation from his words is to make God a liar. Lastly, it is one’s receptivity of the Son that determines one’s destiny. There is no other way to obtain eternal life and escape the wrath of God, except to trust exclusively in the Son.  He who comes from above is most certainly above all (3:31).