David found out just how dependent he really was on God, as is described in final part of Psalm 30:7. All it takes is God to hide his face or withhold his favor or to create a little bit a distance and David is absolutely terrified, especially because of the severe consequences of this sickness. Remember David thought this was a terminal illness and that he was on his way to perishing. So much for his immovability and his mountain top security!

What an incredible lesson David learned in this instance! God was now withholding that which David had presumed upon and he was absolutely undone. We do this all the time, in that we get to a point when our finances or health or relationships are all in great shape and then we presume that we deserve it to be like that for the rest of our lives. But if and when God removes his grace, or undeserved favor, we are left with nothing but Him and his promises. And if we engaged in prideful presumption, we certainly might incur his discipline, but even that is evidence of his great love and care for us. Consider how dangerous David might have been as a ruler if God had allowed this pride to continue. God’s discipline certainly isn’t pleasant, but it is way more beneficial than the consequences of pride. Thus, when we truly understand how wicked pride is and how God graciously deals with our pride, we should be provoked to much praise.