What did the fullness of goodness and knowledge, that Paul highlights in 15:14, create in the Roman Christians?—that they also have this ability to set things right in one another’s minds. They are capable of influencing one another towards greater spiritual clarity by correcting each other’s errant thinking, which is evidenced by failing to carry out God’s will.

Is how we would spot a church full of informed benevolence because, according to the Apostle Paul, that is exactly what a faithful culture of admonishment reveals. Conversely, it’s safe to say that a church lacking a faithful culture of admonishment, lacks interest in the welfare of others and lacks knowledge from God.  We should keep that in mind as the world tries to assess the purpose and value of churches using temporal and earthly standards.  This completely misses the fact that the ministry of the church is primarily about soul care.  Yes, we will meet physical needs in the body, but that is because we are all comprised of a body and soul so we will strive to meet all sorts of needs that may arise.  

But if we are filled with informed benevolence, we will never stop there, but seek the ultimate good of one another while engaging in this essential ministry of admonishment.