In John 11:40, Jesus responds to Martha’s objection by declaring that faith would unveil God’s glory in his upcoming miraculous ministry at Lazarus’ tomb. This theme was already introduced back in v.4 in order to set the stage for how the witnesses of this event are to process it. Followers of Christ must acknowledge and believe that God does all things to manifest his glory, which is the summation of the excellencies of his perfections.

Then in the very next verse, Jesus begins to pray to his Father and he supplies some insight in v.42– he is not asking for his own sake or to remind himself that the Father always hears him, but he’s praying out loud for the sake of the faith of those standing there.  This intention continues to be prevalent throughout this passage.  It was already stated in v.15 as one of the reasons he is glad he did not go right away to Lazarus to prevent him from dying.  So it was beneficial for their faith that he did not go right away to Bethany, just as in v.42, it is beneficial for their faith that he audibly speak to the Father in front of them.

This completes the 2nd cycle displaying the primary motives of Christ of everything he does as it relates to God’s people—namely, for God to get glory and for the strengthening of our faith. That is what we can expect in our lives. If we want to distill down everything that happens to what we can guarantee God is doing, it is precisely those things—that God is getting glory and that he is strengthening our faith. This is where we can find rest and peace in any circumstances, but if our hearts are set on circumstantial ease and comfort, it’s going to be a long road. So let us trust in our Almighty, Loving God who works all things for his glory and his people’s good, namely to strengthen their faith.