In similar fashion to Christ’s instruction in Matt. 6 from last week, Paul begins Php. 4:6 by outlawing anxiety, but notice what kind of circumstances are included in the prohibition—everything!  There is nothing that can happen that is outside the bounds of trusting God and refraining from the sin of anxiety.

Now what is the stated contrast to anxiety in v.6? The verbal command comes in the latter part of the verse—let your requests be made known to God. Instead of worrying about our circumstances or seeking to manipulate our circumstances, we take our concerns to Almighty God. Despite him already knowing what we need, this step provides some help because we are taking our minds off of the factors of our anxiety and instead placing our thoughts on our sovereign, powerful, and loving God. We make requests to the God who made the world; we make requests to the God who eternally redeemed his people by sending his Son to die for their sins; we make requests to the same God whom all the OT and NT saints made their requests to.

Why worry when we can go to the Maker of the Universe and the God of all comfort?