Upon reading through passages like Psalm 50, the question is often raised: What are some indicators that one’s allegiance or worship or devotion to God is NOT merely lip service?  First of all, we come to God always from a disposition of being a receiver.  We must not praise or obey God in order to fill something lacking in him.  Worship and obedience are for our benefit; it’s not only what we were created for, it’s what is best for us.  We must constantly acknowledge that we receive his grace in order to be sustained moment by moment and in order to follow him.  We properly acknowledge this when we give him the glory for all that we are.

Besides this disposition of being needy of God’s grace, we are to worship him with clean hands and a pure heart.  God despises folks who are Christians only around other Christians and are worldly around those who are of the world.  True worship gives no religious pretense; no putting on a show for others while wearing a mask of righteousness, which covers up the wickedness ruling one’s heart.  These are what God commends in his people’s worship of him.